What do a couple of alternative headbangers, an artist and a researcher have in common? Those are the people to meet during your stay in Phnom Penh. 


Myley Rattle and Tom Reichelt decided to realize their dream, a step that also gave hope to local artists. The non-profit music label Yab Moung Records Phnom Penh has big plans to promote Cambodia’s ambitious rockers on local festivals as well as overseas. For sure, Antifate will be one part of this business plan. 

YM Records is Cambodia’s first alternative music label. It is our goal to help develop alternative Khmer music. There is a unique alternative music scene existing within contemporary Khmer society. The music coming from this movement is not only unique in its style and drive in Southeast Asia, but also is of a standard that could be considered as awesome around the globe. YMR is a DIY organisation designed to support and encourage talent and music already being produced in a dynamic and growing environment. 


Artist Albert Samreth lives and works in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Los Angeles, California. The cosmopolitan, cryptic, crazy Cambodian-American is indeed trying to become model-Cambodian artist and we all are curious when this will happen. 

Cambodia presents: Albert Samreth’s first solo exhibition …Know Know on Saturday 9 March 6-8pm until 5. Mai – #18 2nd Floor, Sothearos Blvd, Phnom Pen, Phnum Penh, Cambodia 12206 


Dr. Rathana peou van den Heuvel’s heart is based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. However, the Cambodian-French hardly stays longer than some weeks. An inquisitive mind, beautiful insights about Cambodian culture and the conscience of having only one life thrive her.

Dr. Rathana peou (van den Heuvel) is on the Asia Pacific Migration Environment Network advisory board and the regional consultant of the CCAFS- South Asia leaded by Oxford University. She is also a visiting Professor at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) and a visiting researcher at the Bangladesh Center of Advanced Studies (BCAS) as well as a fellow at the International Research Center on Sustainability (University of Reims) and IDDRI (SciPo Paris). She is the country correspondant for Bangladesh of the Interact – Project funded by the EU.

She holds a PhD in Political Science majoring in Philosophy and a minor in Arabic and a Masters degree in Political Science and Philosophy. Dr. Rathana’s research interests lies in the “4 inviolate principles”: food security, water security, energy security and social “health” security. Dr. Rathana leads research programs on different issues related to Climate Change, human trafficking and sex workers in Bangladesh, issues related to climate induced migration, impacts of active learning, and characteristics of social business. She has been researching on climate induced migration in Bangladesh and as well the weight of remittance on local development. She has been involved with impact evaluation of participative model of market development in Bangladesh as well as monitoring of value chain.

She has been leading the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) based in Bangladesh for more than 2 years. Within a structure of a team of 9 full- time researcher/lecturers and 10 visiting lecturers/researchers. She directs or co-directs master students and PhD candidates in France, Canada and Bangladesh.

Rathana worked as an international consultant and humanitarian workers in Sudan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. She has worked with and consulted for agencies such as DFID, USAID, ECHO, DIPECHO, AFD, EU, ADB and different INGOs and NGOs developing guideline of reporting and program evaluation.